Newton (East Pacific)

Official data for Newton is outdated. The system may have transitioned from an investigation area to a tropical system, or the system is no longer being monitored.

Current Information

Data Value
Name Low Newton
Wind 30 MPH - 45 KM/H
Pressure 29.77 inHg - 1008 mbar (kPa)
Location 18.6N 116.8W
Last Updated 23 hours ago


Date Status Wind Position
Sun, Sep 25 18:00 Script Testing 30 MPH 18.6N 116.8W
Sun, Sep 25 21:00 Script Testing 30 MPH 18.4N 117.1W
Mon, Sep 26 06:00 Script Testing 30 MPH 17.6N 118.1W
Mon, Sep 26 18:00 Script Testing 30 MPH 16.4N 119.3W
Tue, Sep 27 06:00 Script Testing 25 MPH 15.1N 120.5W
Tue, Sep 27 18:00 Script Testing 25 MPH 14.3N 121.6W
Wed, Sep 28 06:00 Script Testing 25 MPH 13.0N 123.5W

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