Fiona (Atlantic)

Official data for Fiona is extremely outdated. This system will be purged from the active list soon.

Current Information

Data Value
Name Extratropical Storm Fiona
Wind 70 MPH - 110 KM/H
Pressure 28.11 inHg - 952 mbar (kPa)
Location 47.7N 60.9W
Last Updated 49 hours ago


Date Status Wind Position
Sat, Sep 24 18:00 Script Testing 70 MPH 47.7N 60.9W
Sat, Sep 24 21:00 Script Testing 70 MPH 48.4N 60.5W
Sun, Sep 25 06:00 Script Testing 60 MPH 50.6N 59.3W
Sun, Sep 25 18:00 Script Testing 45 MPH 54.9N 58.4W
Mon, Sep 26 06:00 Script Testing 40 MPH 58.4N 58.6W
Mon, Sep 26 18:00 Script Testing 40 MPH 60.7N 57.7W
Tue, Sep 27 06:00 Script Testing 40 MPH 63.1N 56.1W

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